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Group Goal's 

Need more support for your goal? Why not joining a group goal!

Welcome to Group Goals at With the new group goals you are one step closer to achive your goals. Instead of fighting along, join forces with other user who are going for the same goal like you do.

Joining a group with other users has a tremendous psychological effects on how you perform at your goal.

Ceate Engagement
As soon you act in a group you will get engaged in an idea you are committed to it. You feel ownership for it. Once people are engaged in the goal you can capture what comes next . Affects on how you perform. 

Set  Collective Consciousness.
Once people are fully engaged in a goal they will take others with them. Sparks will fly between people on the team and progress may be achieved faster than could be logically expected.

To manifest Synergy.
When people work together they can achieve more than they would do separately. This is the definition of synergy. If you prepare your goals in a vacuum and present them to the group the chance for you to achieve team synergies is virtually nil. The whole point of a group working towards a goal together is to gain synergy. If you want it, you have to let people help create the specific goals they will be directly involved in achieving.

How do I join a group goal?

You can search for group goals here. If you do not find one for your category, you can create your own group goal which can be joined by other users.

In case you create your own group goal, you act as supervisor which allows you to set limitations on the participating users on a group goal.

If you know about friends and collegous who have the same goals like you do, please invite them to join your group goal.

Create your group goal here...