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300 songs
Ahhh cruiselines songs, over 300 to learn. With such clas...

Debut of new album reaches Number 1 ...exciting
Yes only one week after releasing our new album, Gentlem...

Waiting on Tokyo...
I realised that my goals were bigger than me sitting in litt...

To gain an overseas contract with my jazz group Sassy Catch!



Power word
Thought that you might like to hear from the gal herself
and have a personal touch before you get to the info blurb below on "Sassy Catch".

I'm Tarnia but you can call me Tat or Sassy as I get sometimes at gigs, as my names a little unique to remember the first time,
and I'm the creator of this wild baby Sassy Catch!

I adore what I do with Sassy and I wish to take it to the next level
as I attempt achieve overseas and cruiseline contracts in this year of 2007.

And I thought that I don't want to do it alone anymore.

I want to share the journey with others, let them see and learn what it is like, and to also give the chance for them to be a part of our destination.

I am being brave and sharing my goals, as I open myself to unimaginable opportunities with wonderful people.

So with my puppy dog sitting at my feet, I take the step out and invite you to come along.

...Well come on then! ;) Tat Sassy

Before you do anything,
Come to Sassy's myspace page and
Meet Sassy online, see more photos and download free MP3s

Our MGM Starlet, singing 50's Jazz
ON TOP of your baby grand piano.

Sassy Catch! is recreating the starlet and playing the jazz music from the 50's MGM movies.

Sassy Catch! is fresh and vivacious with a wild show of songs
from your favourite MGM starlets:

Marilyn Monroe
Jane Russel
Eartha Kitt
Doris Day

And songs from the suave Men of the 50's.
Nat King Cole
Frank Sinatra
Dean Martin
Elvis Presley

Click Here For a Full Sassy Catch! Song List .

Sassy Catch!'s starlet Tarnia Lynn Coppers has warmth,
charm and sassiness mixed with an incredibly beautiful voice
that honours and echoes the 50's MGM Jazz era.

Tarnia is backed by "Her Boys"on piano (Sassy Catch! Duo)
and double bass (Sassy Catch! Trio), Giving you the delicious jazz sound.

Sassy Catch! can be enjoyed as a duo or trio in a:
Floor Show (1 or 2 sets)
This exciting floor show captivates and interacts with your audience. Bring the stage alive with Sassy Catch!'s starlet singing on top of your baby grand piano.

Background music
Make an incredible atmosphere at your special event with 1 or 2 sets background music and 1 set with optional 20 minute
"Floor Show" that interacts with the audience's attention.


Swingin' Christmas Show
Try a different spin on your Christmas event.
Your choice of up to 3 sets Christmas music
or mixed in with Sassy Catch!'s Jazz Set Music.

Sassy Catch! is a unique and in-demand act for corporate, cruiselines and fun for the community! An experience that is an unforgettable event.

Don't hesitate and book this Hot act today!
Visit .
For more info and a complete song list.

Delight your ears and turn up your Hi-Fi speakers
with songs from our album "Capture the Glamour".
Listen to Sassy!

We recently had a photo shoot at a jetty,
yes all sassy "catch - fishing" jokes need apply here...
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