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Power Words

Affirmation - To assert positively

Positive affirmations are said to be the panacea for self improvement. Most of the self improvement guru's teach it. However, if affirmations were as effective as they are made out to be, then why are we all not popular? Wealthy? Harmonious? Creative? Happy?
Why? Because our conscious mind interacts and interprets information we are receiving, and filters "unrealistic" messages (messages that contradict our more deeply held views) from the subconscious mind. That's its job!

How many of us have repeated over and over again, as we've been taught, sometimes for months and even years on end, the simple sentence, "I am wealthy"? All right, I see a lot of hands. Were you wealthy at the time?

If not, your subconscious mind was filtering that message as a lie. It says, "Yeah right, you don't have two dimes to rub together pal, get a clue." That message, the lie, is the one the subconscious mind accepts as the truth. That message is the reality the subconscious mind works on.

No amount of present tense affirming that "A" is not "A" will ever change "A" to not "A". If you are affirming you're 6' 4" tall when you're 5' 10" tall, this tells your mind that you are crazy, or a liar, or even both! Yes, there is a reason you may have been feeling foolish and futile with your affirmations!

The problem lies in using the words "I am". When you use "I am" and you are not, you are opening up yourself for attack from the subconscious mind. Let's get rid of the notion of affirmations and replace it Power Words


Let's look again at the word wealthy. When using positive affirmations we would say to ourselves, "I am wealthy." Change the word wealthy into wealth and we now have a Power Word. Now we say to ourselves, "wealth."

In quiet contemplation we think about the concept of wealth and what it means to us. What kind of lifestyle changes would we have if we had wealth. Where would we live, what would we drive, what cause would we donate part of our wealth to.

By just thinking about the concept of wealth you're instructing your conscious mind to tell your subconscious mind to personalize what the word means to you. You create in your subsconscious your reality of the word. You leave no doubt as to what the word encompasses without having to try to fool your subconscious mind into believing you already have it.

Using affirmations in conjunction with the words, "I am" can be self-sabotaging and lead to frustration, confusion and self-doubt. Unfortunately, this is the concept that many of us have been taught. And even more unfortunately, the use of this concept is what is holding back many of us on our personal development journey, and even leading some into abandoning the journey all together.