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Make friends

Making friends among users on is easy and a very important factor for your success. The more friends you have to more support you receive. Give an take! 

Do the first step!

As in every life situation, things doesn't come easy and they don't come without effort on your side. It is you alone who can make the difference and let things happen. Take a pro-active approach by taking the first step towards other users, which means:

  • you write the comments
  • you answer comments
  • if you see goals with no support-shout's its you who is "shouting"

If you do the first step you will have friends in no time on this site. Don't be shy!

Give yourself a personality!

The more you let other people know about you the more likely other users will contact you and add you to their friends list. Set your profile picture and let others see who you are. 

If possible, show up your face.  If you do not like to show up in person, why not using your cat's picture? Other user will remember you more easily.


Hi! I am Matt from the UK. Please visit my goal and give me your support. I want to make this happen! Konnichiwa. Mie from
Japan. I love my sweet
cat. His name is Deco.
Isn't he cute! :)

 Who do you think gets no attention? If you haven't set your profile picture or a short description yet, do it now! 

Stay active, update frequently!

Try to update your goal at least once a week. If you do so your goal appears on the top main page under "last updated goals" . Other users will recognize you, especially when you set a fancy profile picture.

Give detailed information about your goal!

Unfortunately, many users do not write a detailed goal plan at all. See here. If your goal is achievable in a short time period, OK, but if you go over month even years then you have to come up with something more than just two lines.

The more details you give about your goal the more you can convince people that you are really active going for your goals. Look at this goal setting dude  

Be emotional, let your feelings flow into your writing!

Tell your friends about your goal!

If your goal is to exotic or very rare to find you might not get enough support from other users especially in the beginning.

If you run your own website, link to your goal! This way you bring new visitors to my site (thanks a lot) but also people who might share your interests.

Add you own auto-updated goal graph to your website!

To obtain your linking code: login ->click on the top menu "Edit Goal's" ->  then click on "Link Code"

Most support in the beginning comes from your friends and relatives. Make sure you set at least a few friends when you set-up your goal. Don't by shy! Tell your friends about your ambitious plans!

You can set your friends email addresses any time.
Login -> click on the top menu "Edit Goal's" ->  then click "Edit Goal" -> click on Step 3 and scroll down