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I want to have a rich, fulfilling life.

One of those days...

When it rains it pours...

That was the running theme for today. I had a job interview scheduled for today, but I had to reschedule. The interviewer said I needed to bring 2 forms of ID, a copy of my application, and "proof of education". The 2 forms of ID wer no problem, but the last 2 caused the problems.

First of all, I had applied to this job online. The instructions for applying said that I would need a copy of my application when I came to interview; so the instructions on the site said to save a copy of the completed application so you'll have a ready copy to print and take with you. Well, I did save a copy, but it didn't save correctly and I had to print out a blank copy and try to remember all the crap I put on the first application.

Then I couldn't find my diploma. When I graduated, they gave us the diploma along with a cheesy little wallet-sized diploma card. I never thought I'd need the card so I stuck it in a box somewhere and forgot about it. I've also tried to find my original diploma, and that's also come up missing. Swell.

If I was reading this, I'd wonder about the disparity in my numbers. (Motivation = 4, Confidence = 2) Well, as far as my confidence goes, I'm just feeling really unprepared and really disheartened by everything going on. I've told myself that if I'm not hired by the end of this month, then I'll go back to being a cashier.

My motivation is high because our bills just keep piling up. My dad had to write a large check to the IRS recently. If that wasn't enough, he also had to pay the exterminator and the mechanic on top of the other bills. I know I'm a burden and I hate not being able to put up my share and help out.

I need to go to bed. My interview is early tomorrow morning, and I have some things to care of tonight before I go to bed.

~ Angel



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