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news press seeay
sent it out today here's a copy of it it took forever becau...

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news press seeay

sent it out today here's a copy of it
it took forever because i had to find a picture of myself to send it.

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My feelings of sept 11 are the same as they were the day it happened. When I look back I remember the terror I felt for everyone that died in the world trade centers. I felt the heartache of the people that I watched on television, each on looking for someone they may never find. I remember the horror that this could happen to so many people at once. It was devastating to see the children that will now never truly know their parents. They will always wonder and when they ask how will one respond? It is easy to think you can say as a hero when they are younger but as they get older they will want and need more information. It's heartbreaking to think of things like this. I wonder what all the reasons were. I truly believe that we may never know. The powers that be will not tell us. They have no explanations that are good enough for a child who has to grow up without a parent.

It also reminded me that there is a common goodness in most people. Many people risked their lives for strangers. I sis what little I could as I watched from Florida. I could do nothing but cry for them or cheer when yet another person was found. I wish so many others could have made it but it was unfortunately not the case. The way people rallied to help was amazing. It will always be one of the saddest days of my life. It also makes me think that it is sad that it takes something so horrible to bring people back together. It's very sad that it's gone to the back of so many peoples lives. We go back to our ordinary lives and our mundane problems but, there are people out there who can never go back to the mundane. I feel for them. It seems so senseless that so many people have seemed to forget or pushed it back into the back of their minds. It’s easier for people it makes the sadness a little less and life a little easier but in the back of all of our minds their will always be questions. But the main question I still have is Why??

Julie Lutz


Great going, Julie...

Hi Julie,

Read your article and I think its well written. Before you have a story or book published, ever thought of setting up your own website/blog and publishing your stories online? I am sure you will get a lot of fans out in the cyberworld.

Cheers and all the best in your Goal


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